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Institutional-grade staking for everyone

The preferred staking partner for protocols and projects on EVM

Institutional-grade security

Best in class rewards

Analytics powered growth

Trusted by leaders

We partner with some of most promising and pioneering protocols in Web 3.0

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$50 mil+




We do it different.

We build value deep into an ecosystem from bringing game-changing projects to a protocol faster to super-optimized nodes to co-running the testnets to battle-test code

Bringing opportunities faster

One of the first validators to bring in and build with native projects that take the community forward such as LIDO on Polygon and Fastlane MEV. 


Pre-built suite from mempools to consensus protocols to hashing algorithms. Customize to your use case in days and deploy.

Builds winners

Co-operating 3 validators and multiple nodes with highest performance and maximized rewards.

Building ground-up

Girnaar is one of the 6 validators running the Mumbai Testnet sub-committee, ensuring every upgrade is thoroughly battle-tested before rolled out to you.

Welcome to Girnaar Labs

Here we build tools we find cool and what we think will help bring the world to Web 3.0 and protocols we support

Stats Dashboard

Rewards dashboard

Staking returns is one of the lowest risk, naturally compounding, win-win things that the blockchain economy has given us. 

You want to do it right. But it is super hard, as a tokenholder and delegator, on which validator to partner with to gain the best potential returns.

We are building a dashboard to help you understand and compare returns across validators better, staring with Polygon! (in Alpha)


Account Abstraction (AA) is the next big storm bringing the next billion to Web3.0.

But with it, it brings a gas storm too. Each gasless transaction (transaction done through AA) consumes 3-4 times more gas than a regular wallet transaction today.

Just a few successful dApps and we will be fighting gas wars again! Until the network infinitely scales.

Hence, we are building gaslesser: bundlers and paymasters of AA infrastructure that are more gas-efficient than the current options. Below is our live comparison

Backers and Investors

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Kickstart an awesome staking experience today

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